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Cypress Arboriculture

Cypress provides conscious, science-driven, best-practices-informed Tree Care and Assessment. We offer Pruning, Consulting, Soil Nutrients, Site-specific Cultural Improvements, Preservation, Small to Medium-scale Removals, and More.

About Us

Arborcentric Tree Care

Charlie Adams is an ISA Certified Arborist and Certified Tree Climber (RM-7365AT). Cypress Arboriculture specializes in conscious, high-quality tree management from cradle to cradle: Cypress can help with selection, planting, pruning, inspection and reporting, preservation, post-mortem analysis, careful removal when truly necessary, and replacement. I can even help you find a sawmill to give your lost tree a second life. Cypress is based in Lakewood, Colorado, working and consulting throughout the Front Range and beyond.

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Fire Mitigation

Why Choose Cypress Arboriculture?

16 Years Experience

Tree care is a science, a craft, and an art. I bring a wealth of experience with Colorado’s urban canopy to every interaction. I will always be present, bringing that experience to bear at every step of the process from initial consultation to on-site work.

My Approach

You can expect open, thoughtful communication, mindfulness, and the highest-quality care when you hire Cypress Arboriculture. I believe I work for your trees, and that guiding principal motivates everything I do.


I believe in continuing education. I maintain my industry credentials by attending conferences and online learning sessions. Beyond that, I hold a high value in updating my knowledge and practice as science reveals more about trees. Biology, biomechanics, and proven best-practices at the cutting edge of arboriculture drive everything I do.

We strongly recommend Charlie Adams — he is a responsive, smart, extremely thoughtful Arborist. It’s clear that Charlie deeply knows trees and he takes his work with them seriously. He educates us about our options, takes time to make sure we’re clear on both costs and treatments, and he’s accountable and prompt about appointments. 

Charlie is professional and courteous and does beautiful work! I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my trees.


Federal Heights, Colorado

We have worked with some of the larger garden/tree companies in the area, and far prefer working with one professional who is committed to his craft while remaining reasonably priced.

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About the Founder

I’m Charlie.  I’m a tree nerd and an avowed vertical junky.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why hire a Certified Arborist?

Certified Arborists are tree workers who have completed a course of study or an apprenticeship to become experts in the field of tree care. They’ve tested with the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) to prove their knowledge, and they have signed a code of ethics as well as committed to continuing education. Here’s Trees Are Good’s take on the subject.

Why hire Cypress Arboriculture?

Many companies employ Certified Arborists in the main office or as estimators, but their work crews maintain lower levels of knowledge and training. Cypress pledges to have a Certified Arborist on-site working for your trees. The business owner will be the one pruning, and if contract climbers are hired, they will either be ISA certified or in-training to certify. Charlie keeps a very short list of trusted contract Arborists, and carefully specifies the type and quality of work they do with your trees.

Where can I learn more about my trees and their care?

Trees Are Good is a wonderful source of information for tree owners looking to upgrade their knowledge base. There, you can learn what benefits trees can provide, how to select the right tree for a given site, how to plant it, maintain it, prune it, and more!

How old is my tree?

Without removing the tree, it’s impossible to tell exactly how old it is! Especially in urban environments, water, sunlight, air and soil quality and compaction are highly variable. All these factors and more combine to modify a tree’s growth or lack thereof. We can use such tools as increment borers to get a ring count without cutting down a tree, but borers leave a substantial hole in the stem. Holes are wonderful openings for fungi, insects, and bacteria to enter the tree, so we avoid such measures. With some species we can make a guess based on the history of when and why it was generally planted in the region, but unless you have a picture of the tree as a sapling, it’s only an educated guess!

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