Some tiny videos of big work – timelapse pruning!

Arboriculture is kind of a lot of work

Did you know that your certified arborist or climber specialist should be getting as far out to the tips of long branches as they safely can in order to make proper structural cuts? Were you aware that a thorough pruning of even a 30 foot apple requires climbing and/or a substantially sized ladder? These time lapse sequences illustrate the amount of work and skill that goes into a good structural pruning:

The crabapple in the video is only about 25 feet tall at its very top, but it took me 1.5 hours to work out the cuts on each tip, to lessen leverage on longer, breakage-prone branches and deal with the load of dead wood cluttering the canopy and limiting air and light flow to essential interior leaves.


This one is a relatively simple Silver Maple. I mostly removed dangerous dead branches from this declining tree, but I still had to go to each branch tip in order to remove branches afflicted by squirrel damage and to clean up improper mid-branch cuts made by a line clearance crew a year earlier. This poor Maple only took me an hour to prune, but you can see how much monkeying around was necessary in that time.

Timelapse is a pretty neat tool to capture long prunes and removals from beginning to end. If you decide to contract us, ask if you can get video of the process so you’ll know exactly what was done in your trees!